Colleen’s visit.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been bringing Vince with me to Edda’s therapy appointments. Edda goes with a therapist to a room upstairs and we hang out in the waiting room; I used to go with her, but often she cries and whimpers for me to save her from the evil balance board practice.

Vince and I used to sneak into the other empty rooms and play on all the equipment – ladders, swings, trampolines, mats, balls. Sometimes we would convice other kids in the waiting room to come and play with us. It was great fun. But, we’ve been soundly scolded for using the equipment without a supervising therapist. Boo hoo. So now, for the last 15 minutes of Edda’s appointment, we go into her room and play.



Diane and Edda


Last night, Colleen (Jeremy’s cousin Eric’s wife) came over for dinner. She brought a friend – Ena. They were here for the IMF/World Bank meeting. Both Colleen adn Ena have 2 young kids. For a year they have been planning that after the meeting, they would fly to Bangkok and have a great girls vacation. Of course, on the last day of the meeting, the military coup happened in Thailand. Colleen was going to go anyway, but Eric talked her out of it. They went to Manila instead. Somehow less exciting than Bangkok, but perhaps no tanks are there.


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