Computer free.

My computer is still broken; no word yet from the HP guys when it will be fixed. I have been using Jeremy’s work computer at night, I feel weird doing much blogging on his computer. I quite enjoy my respite from so much computer time – I really am addicted to the internet.

On another technology front, I think I can finally say that I’m a competent cell phone user. I’ve always been an awkward phone user. I like putting off making calls. I always hope that someone else answers the phone when it rings. I have owned at least 4 cell phones in my life, but I’ve always forgotten to charge them and hence, I very rarely used them.

Now I have a few friends I can SMS, I have appointments to make/keep, I’m always out of the house. I actually keep my phone in my front pocket. Jeremy was so impressed when he hung out with me on Friday – I was calling and SMSing all day. It’s a big thing for me, making calls and plans with other people, I haven’t done it for many, many years. I’ve relied on Jeremy to call for the last 10 years and in college, I just hung out – no elaborate plan making. I guess it’s becuase I don’t know if folks really want to hang out with me – you know, maybe they are busy with their other, more interesting friends. I don’t like asking people to hang out, but I love the actual hanging out – I love being busy and having lots of plans with other people.

One thought on “Computer free.”

  1. PUHLEEEZE! Doris, I love hangin out with you. You are truly one of my favorite people to be around. You are so mellow about things and you are SOOOO smart. I can’t believe that you’d spend time with simpleton’s like me.

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