“You are on edge now, for it’s hard to know when to quit. You may be seeking perfection in an imperfect world, and can easily frustrate yourself if you expect too much. It’s no use looking to your friends and associates for guidance today, for they will only end up confusing you even more. As much as you want to be done so you can move on to what’s next, accept lack of forward movement with as much grace as possible.”

Hrm. dunno. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Not sure why really… sigh.

4 thoughts on “Horoscope…”

  1. We just came back from Las Vegas and there we watched the show “Le Rave” – The Dream. It was about life in an imperfect world. We all have somethings that we think they are not perfect. But, so what, there are a lot of imperfect things around us which create a lot of opportunities also. English word of “Crisis” consists of two Chinese words and they are “dangerous pitfall” and “opportunity”, depending on how one looks at.

  2. I think I already asked you this already, Doris, but I am SO bad at following up on comments I leave. Anyway, does Edda walk? I thought it looked like she did in some of the pics. She is completely adorable.

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