Labor day.

Both the kids are out of school this week, Jeremy’s taking Monday, Wed and Fri off. I told him it was appropriate since today is Labor day, and he is our ace #1 laborer.

Edda got her Mass Transit card today; she’s now 90cm tall, too tall to be a freebie.


What’s with that weird pucker on her face? Perhaps trying to keep that hand out of her mouth?

We went to a fast food joint called Mos Burger – a Japanese burger joint (I know, a bit weird if you think about it). I mainly like it because of the super cute paper packaging they have and because they make your food to order and it’s super hot.




Then we went home – Vince had invited a friend over.


Notice the matching socks.

Where do we go on our date?

After a delicious meal where we ate




and other things that were so delicious that I forgot to take pictures of them, Jeremy took me to the most romantic place in Singapore…


Sim Lim Square, the computer mecca of Singapore. Looking for any computer crap ever made by mankind? It’s at Sim Lim Square. I have no idea how anyone can make any money since it seems like all 100 stores were selling the exact same MP3 players, digital cameras, video cameras, speakers, wires, converters, etc, etc. There seemed to be a lot of bored women just milling around.

Porky and Toasty.

After their beloved rabbit, Porky, passed away from porking out on too many pandan leaves, our neighbors decided to get a dog. A dog! I was so excited, a playmate for Ruby, right on our floor! Ruby, our poor Texan, has had a tough time in Singapore – a bit cooped up, a bit scorned – why just today, a pre-teen on the playground said that she wanted to eat Ruby for lunch! Sheez.

Anywhoo – Toasty, a 3-month old Maltese arrived today in all his tiny, white, fluffy greatness and Ruby was so excited to meet him. She was in a great mood.

Toasty is so tiny. About as large as a chicken. They are attempting to paper train Toasty. Since most people who own dogs live in high rise apartments, they tend to keep them in the house and paper train their dogs – so Sinagpore dogs don’t really get walked all that much.

We dutifully take Ruby on a long morning and evening walk everyday – Jeremy and I take turns, ensuring that we each get walked once a day.


Edda started mouthing her right hand in November of last year. This was just about the time I was becoming fairly certain that she wasn’t your typically developing kid. I remember so clearly thinking, oh, she’s getting her molars, she’s just chewing on her fingers.. Little did I know..

Argh. I hate the mouthing. Well, maybe hate it is too strong a word, I just really dislike it. It’s just a wee bit disgusting. You know, saliva everywhere, everything a bit smelly and then you think of all the germs (although I have to say that Edda is no sicker than the rest of us).

So for the first half of the year, when we weren’t sure if Edda had Rett, I put her arm in the brace because I was totally paranoid that she was losing her ability to use her hand and if I put the brace on her, she could still use her right hand pretty well. Everyday I would look at that hand and see that she was still picking up stuff and moving things around. So I’d say to myself, see? She doesn’t have Rett, she still can use her hand! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, I have to say that now it’s finally September and since January, Edda has lost a lot of the use of her right hand even with the extensive bracing and various rubbing/tickling/scratching sensory crap that we’ve been doing to get her to try and remember that she has a right hand – she still likes best to put it in her mouth.

So now we’ve braced the arm so much that it’s losing muscle tone. I’ve given up thinking that she’s going to give up mouthing anytime soon, so we’ve gone back to where we’ve started. To preserve muscle tone, she gets to go braceless again, but everyone at school and at her therapies is reminding her to keep her hand out of her mouth. She knows she’s not suppose to do it and our PT managed to get NO MOUTHING for a whole 45 minute session.

At school today, I saw her go hide in a corner so she could mouth to her hearts content away from the teacher’s eye. She’s a clever one, that Edda.


SP8! We learn who you are!

On Thursday, I got this amazing package from my secret pal. She revealed to me who she is, she’s Lynae from Avec le coton. Hooray! A yarn pal near Chicago.


Look at this wonderful package. I love the yarn, I already have a few ideas of what I want to do with it. My first real sweater.. And I just absolutely love the buttons.

Also, an iTunes music card for Edda.. We have never bought anything from the iTunes store, Jeremy’s eyes sparkled when he heard of that surprise. Vince loves the yo-yo thing-y!

Thank you! Thank you Lynae! For being the best Secret Pal ever 🙂