Porky and Toasty.

After their beloved rabbit, Porky, passed away from porking out on too many pandan leaves, our neighbors decided to get a dog. A dog! I was so excited, a playmate for Ruby, right on our floor! Ruby, our poor Texan, has had a tough time in Singapore – a bit cooped up, a bit scorned – why just today, a pre-teen on the playground said that she wanted to eat Ruby for lunch! Sheez.

Anywhoo – Toasty, a 3-month old Maltese arrived today in all his tiny, white, fluffy greatness and Ruby was so excited to meet him. She was in a great mood.

Toasty is so tiny. About as large as a chicken. They are attempting to paper train Toasty. Since most people who own dogs live in high rise apartments, they tend to keep them in the house and paper train their dogs – so Sinagpore dogs don’t really get walked all that much.

We dutifully take Ruby on a long morning and evening walk everyday – Jeremy and I take turns, ensuring that we each get walked once a day.

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