Relationship Blues…

Hrm. I’m saddened. One of my friends just asked a guy out on a date, and of course, he said yes. This was on like Thursday or Friday. They went out tonight and he mentioned that he was just being polite and all, by accepting the dinner offer. So I think she’s a bit bummed out by that. I’m sorta wondering why you go out with someone if you know it’s not there? Maybe it’s just hard to say no when confronted with it? i dunno…

In other relationship news, another friend of mine is in a spat with his GF. A silly argument that started over a misunderstanding. She was so mad, that she got up, left the house, got in her car, and _pretended_ to drive away. Really she just drove around the block and parked the car. He figured it out cuase they were on the phone, and he walked out to the car to talk to her. I thought that was freakin’ hilarious. I would be totally on the floor if it was my girlfriend – even if I was steaming mad at her. Hahhaha.

5 thoughts on “Relationship Blues…”

  1. Hmm, I have accepted dates when I’m not interested. I hear lots of storied where people aren’t really that intersted initially, but then it clicks later on. I don’t like doing it, but apparently I don’t like saying no to them more. Usually I’m hoping that the guy gets the message that I’m not too interested, but usually this backfires and I get asked out on a 2nd date. I was never so good at casual dating.

  2. The other day when I was in Dallas Forth Worth Internationl to make a connection. I met a couple, not oriental or Indians. They surprised me by saying that arrange marriage isn’t that bad at all if it does not carry too far. They mentioned thousand reasons why they are good. They even desparately try to do just that for their 30+ daughter.

    Well, that is a surprise for me too, to say the least. But, I think through acqaintance isn’t that bad. So long as, no one forces someone.

  3. Donald, May be you like her or just do not like her to go out with someone else. It is normal reaction. Sometime, daddy was jealousy if I talk to some man even in office.

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