Air conditioning in October..

I know everyone in the States is luxuriating in autumn weather. Cool breezes, leaves falling off trees, apples, sweaters, light jackets – all things that I love, but here in Singapore we are still running our aircons 24/7. Especially now since the air quality is pretty poor.

Our dining room/living room/family room/main room area is cooled by 2 aircon units on one fuse. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but it not only flipped the fuse on the circuit, but it also tripped the main circuit for the house and the circuit in the main electrical riser right outside our front door. So since I like power in our house, we left the circuit for the 2 workhorse aircons off which means I’m using the bedroom aircons to cool the main part of the house.

Also the aircons appear to be leaking behind a wall somewhere, so I’m a bit freaked this whole thing is going to be a major wall ripping/air con replacing/ electrical shorting kind of project – not that we’ll have to take care of it, there are landlords and agents helping us (thanks Lin) – it’s just going to be something messy and dusty and loud to live through.

Look at this weird pizza they sell here:


Does it look like chicken ham? More like green peppers and carrots on a cheese danish.

I was tempted by this though:


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