I hate this toy!

Do you see this toy?


I hate this toy. Hate! Hate! Hate!

I bought it at Toys R Us months ago, again feeling all sorry for myself. Edda was almost 2 when we bought it. What a pitiful shopping trip was. We were there to buy Edda toys that she could play with – slowly realizing that she couldn’t play with any toys, even the baby infant toys. Her favorite thing to do was to chew that disguisting Peter Rabbit of hers.

So I bought this toy and I put it down in front of Edda and tried for a long time to get her to push the damn button so the train would go around. She didn’t really get it. It was a difficult time, I wasn’t even really sure that she recognized who I was. Did she know that I was her mother?

I’m happy to say that we are done with this toy now, it is going to the Salvation Army. Edda knows how to push the damn button to make the train go around. And it didn’t take her nearly as long as I thought it would to teach her. She did get it – she’s getting lots of things now. They are such small steps for a typical child, but they are fantastic for Edda and I’m so happy for all of us that she’s making this progress.

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  1. Best advice I’ve ever gotten was 1. it is okay to hate the stupid toys that make noise, 2. it is okay to get rid of them and 3. never volunteer for indoor field trips.

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