Remembering my grandfather.

My main memories of my grandfather are so blurry and fuzzy. We spent only a few weeks together during my whole life. I think maybe twice in my life, I flew from DC to California to spend a week with my grandparents. I remember he loved Whoppers, we walked to the Burger King everyday for lunch. I remember he and grandma ate crackers and jelly for breakfast. I remember he took me to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World – I don’t actually remember the zoo or the amusement park, I just remember how long the bus ride seemed to be from LA to San Diego. I remember he had a scruffy cat and he was the first person I knew who had a sprinkler system in his front yard. I know that he was not an easy man to live with, but he was kind to me during our short stays together and it was nice.

I’m trying to find photos of my grandfather (my father’s father), I think there are a few digital ones which show him hanging out with Vince and Edda, but they are lost in a sea of disorganization. I know I have paper ones, but those are locked in a storage facility somewhere in New Jersey.


Vince is sick today – he stayed home from school, but not sick enough to participate in today’s Mid Autumn festival.


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