Crazy me!

I had the opportunity today to take the bus downtown during rush hour. I guess you still need to listen to your iPod even though you are trying to sleep. Go figure.


I went downtown for an early doctor’s appointment to get my prescription refilled. The doctor is still extremely curious about Edda’s Rett Syndrome diagnosis. There was hardly any discussion about my own mental health; just a series of questions (Are you sure it’s Rett, it can be hard to diagnose. Yes, we are sure. Can she walk? Yes, she can. I’ve only seen one other case, and I’m a child psychologist! (Does anyone with a Rett child run to a psychologist? A neurologist, a GI guy, an internist, I understand, but probably not a psychologist.) Finally, I offered (as a courtesy – to fill some sort of weird professional education yearning he seemed to possess) to bring Edda in someday so he could see his 2nd case. Whoopee! (whatever) He seemed extremely agitated and said that there wasn’t much he could provide in terms of treatment and that if we brought her in he could meet us downstairs in the lobby so it wouldn’t be too much trouble. It was a bit odd. I kind of want to bring Edda in just to watch him freak out and then Edda and I can have a good laugh over it all.



I got it

Common name: Frangipani
Latin name: Plumeria rubra

Location: Right outside our apartment!

2 thoughts on “Crazy me!”

  1. You need a new doctor. This guy sounds like a jerk. You desrve better treatment and courtesy than this guy is willing to give.

    Donald- I read your post from last Friday. If you can remember that much about a woman then you need to turn around as fast as possible and ask her out. You had nothing to lose. The worst she could do is say no and even so you might get a new friend at the very least.

  2. Ahh, this doctor isn’t that important to me – I don’t go to him for cognitive or behavioral therapy, just for a prescription which is fine. I tried to go to the local clinic in our neighborhood, but no dice, it would be simpler than heading downtown. I would be worried if I was going for him for therapy, but I’m not and I’m too tired to find another doctor. I find him funny in a perverse way.

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