Dance dance revolution.

Ronald says good morning! (Vince took lots of pictures on the way to school. Hence the low photo angle.)


The baking for Thanksgiving has started. Vince and I made 2 pecan pies today (which are my favorite kind next to banana cream pie). Genius that I am, I managed to burn one from the top and one from the bottom. Don’t even ask. Martha Stewart, I am not. These pies are being served since I have no other pecans. I’ll be buying some vanilla ice cream and maybe people won’t notice the burned pies underneath. Tomorrow I tackle pumpkin.


So, do you think we should buy Dance Dance Revolution for Christmas? Edda and Ruby both think that Vince is just crazy!



Common name: Flame of the Woods, Jungle Flame, or Jungle Geranium
Scientific name: Ixora (there are hundreds of species, I’m not sure which one this is)

Location: In front of our apartment!

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