Evening – Day 1

The kids are in bed, Ruby has pooped and the dishes are done. My day is done! Edda puked up her snack today, but she has been complaining about eating snack at school for about a week now, but she eats well at home and seems chipper, I’m not sure what’s up. There are lots of new kids in the class, maybe she’s just getting used to having less teacher attention? I dunno.

I had a nice breakfast with a mom of a kid in Edda’s class – we walked over to the prata shop and I had my usual.

Vince also needed some major cajoling to get out of the house while Edda was having a therapy session. We made it out of the house after a bit of crying and went on to do ab crunches in the exercise park.


We handed out our Thanksgiving invitations and everyone seems excited to come. Yikes, 2 turkeys maybe? I hope I can find pecans in the grocery stores, sometimes they can be hard to find here.

Vince made a friend out of a broom.


I am playing a piece by Bartok with a wacky key signature. Even though your hands don’t change positions everything is kind of weird sounding and not what you are expecting so I can’t really play it. Yet.


Also, I’ve always been really keen on bird watching, it seems like such a great hobby to have. Go out into the woods and look and see a bird and then look it up in a field guide and then check it off a list. I have read many books about bird watching and they all make it seem so exciting. But the few times I’ve tried it, I realize that birds tend to be pretty small and quick little buggers and they are hard to find when they cheep-cheep-cheep and you can’t really tell if they are in front of you or behind you. So maybe I should convert bird IDing to plant IDing, at least you can walk up to a plant and take as many pictures as you want and they usually grow on the ground. So here’s a tree right outside our house. I have no idea what kind of tree it is, but I’ll figure it out someday.


I suppose I can just ask the gardeners.

3 thoughts on “Evening – Day 1”

  1. Keep up the good work Vince. That six pack is coming any day I tell ya.

    I love bird watching out my window or from my front porch. Saw a red Headed woodpecker this morning. He’s a very formal dresser.

  2. Anon – nope it’s a C#. What does one do with a C#?

    There are almost no birds in Singapore – they all have been pesticided out.. Sigh.

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