Evening – Day 2

Well, another day without Jeremy. Kids asleep, dishes washed and Ruby has pooped. My day is done!

Without Jeremy, the house runs more efficiently. Fewer clothes to wash (-25%), fewer dishes to wash (at least 50% since I just had a sandwich for dinner), bath time promtly at 7 pm (with Vince initiating – Mom! It’s time to get into the tub!) and lights out at 7:45 pm and everyone asleep by 8 pm.

Jeremy brings the disorder and complexity into our family – a bit of whimsy fun sprinkled into the day. A song here, a tickle there, a long story over dinner, more laughing and messes. It’s true, there is more to clean up later, but I like it this way, without Jeremy my life would be so boring, I would just take the most convienent route. But with Jeremy, I’ve taken 3 days to make a banana cream pie, I fold shirts like they do at the GAP and not just in forths like I used to and I bought a house with him that was completely unpractical but perfectly beautiful. I think people who don’t know Jeremy that well might think of him as a serious guy – but really, he’s a softie with a warm heart and a goofball who likes to tell funny stories.

2 thoughts on “Evening – Day 2”

  1. Doris, That was so sweet. I love how kind you and Jeremy are to each other. It makes me feel so good. It gives me hope for more peace in the world. Folks like the two of you raising children and showing thast not all Americans are war loving dictator types.

    Donald, Scott and I are HUGE football fans. The only problem is he’s a Denver Broncos man and I a Cowboys girl. Jerry Jones is a complete idiot.

  2. Denver is doing well, tho they are in a tough tough division. Too bad I’m partial to the Chargers. 😛

    Romo is looking pretty good.

    Why is Jerry Jones a complete idiot? I think Dan Synder is worse. I _hate_ being the Yankees of football. I hate it.

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