Girls Girls Girls

It was Jacuzzi night, and the men from Sophia House (Frank and I) and Sophia House alums (JT), all go out to the community jacuzzi to shoot the shit and drink a beer.

Of course, the main topic is women, since we’re all single guys. Frank dishes about who he’s after in church, and JT looks like he’s got a promising lead up in Sacramento and I’m, well, just hanging out at the moment. But I think it’s becoming fairly obvious to me, that I need to dedicate some serious time into branching out my social circle. I mentioned to Arif that before, meeting people was never a problem. I’d just hang out with people that I liked, and did stuff that I liked to do, and sure enough, I’d meet women that way.

But perhaps things have changed now. Perhaps I need to do things to meet women rather than do things that I want to do. I just hate hate to admit that I’d be doing something more for meeting women than it would be for doing whatever it is I’m doing. You know? Grrr….

JT mentioned that I have to put some of my passions aside for a little bit to focus on this. He got me thinking that he’s right.

I think I have to leave the bike shop.

Dunno why. I’ve been there awhile. But perhaps I need my Saturdays back for this… It’s a tough call. It’s been a part of me for a long time now. I would feel too … normal in a way if I quit.

Other random action items on my list or potentially branching out my social circle.

– volunteer at AACO – some Asian community outreach service, that some people that I know are a part of.
– Dragonboat – again, some people that I know do that.
– Join Team in Training or the Silicon Valley Tri club – I went to a SVTC meeting last week.
– Stop hanging out with married people.

Hah. I threw that last one out there since I know there are a lot of married people reading this blog now. Hello! (feel free to leave a comment)

Oh yeah. I’m climbing really well these days. The classes help a lot. I pretty much flew up a 5.9, which good technique too, until the end, where it got messy and my arms gave out. hrm… Tho I managed to do all the 14 easies bouldering routes in the gym. That was cool too.

2 thoughts on “Girls Girls Girls”

  1. I’ve always wanted to climb. I think I went to a place in Austin once to check it out and I was a bit chicken about it all. Also, do you always need a partner? That always seemed like a barrier to me.

    About the girls, hmmm… Go back to school! That’s my suggestion. Muhahaha!

    Smoochie, there better be a photo on Monday’s post!

  2. You think married people are bad. Wait till people have kids! Oops… sorry Doris/P’ng/Judy,
    But seriously, I think definitely spend some effort and focus on trying to meet people, friends of friends’ party. etc. Don’t need to admit it! It’s ok.

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