Happy birthday mom!

First, I wanted to wish my mother a very happy birthday! May you win all your mah jongg games today!

Edda took a long nap today. Here’s sleeping beauty.




Common name: Red Trailing Bauhinia
Scientific name: Bauhinia kockiana

Location: Choa Chu Kang park!

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday mom!”

  1. Edda is so BEAUTIFUL! I just want to pinch her and kiss her chubby little cheeks. Ski in 2007…I am so there.

    Happy Birthday to your mom!!! She’s ruined me for life when it come to eating out at Chinese restaurants.

    P.S. I really am loving all the flower pictures Doris. So pretty.

  2. Thank you so much. Dad re-arranged the Mahjon party in our house. He bought 2 dozens of roses from Internet. It was delivered this morning together with a balloon saying “I Love You”. He also bought two pearl pins and a pair of earlings. In addition, Dad bought a sweater which I thought was too expensive to have. Anyway, I have a very nice birthday, especially both of you called. Love.

    BTW, most likely, I will report to work in Shenzhen, China in January, 2007.

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