Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Mom is preparing the Thanksgiving turkey and it is just for two of us. Well, it looks like about 90% that Mom is heading to Shenzhen, China early next year. She is pretty excited about it. I am happy for her too and will find a way to there if her stay is relative long.

I am cleaning up the house waiting for our gathering in December. Can’t wait to see you all, especially Edda.

Friday noon time, we will go to Du Pont Circle to meet Mom’s classmate’s daughter for lunch. Saturday, we have a gathering for our cancer friends and spouses. We will head back to SC on Sunday.

I wrapped all the remaining persimmon fruits with plastic lunch bags with holes at bottom because I have competitors (birds). Hope, you still can enjoy them when you come back in December. I moved the Chinese Kinkgo (?) tree to the back yard and moved a couple of bamboos to the boundary of our house. Hope, they will survive the move.

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