There are huge mango trees right outside Edda’s school. Usually, they fall to the ground when they are ripe and feral chickens come by and eat them. But today, we saw some brave souls up on ladders and plucking mangoes out of the tree and we got to get some!


Hopefully they will be ripe in a little while. They are hard as a rock now..


Vince and N. from Edda’s school like each other. It’s really cute to see and everyone teases Vince about it. N. can’t speak, but they manage to communicate their affection for each other. Usually, N. slaps Vince and then grabs his ear and he generally allows her to do it without complaining too much. Ah, true love.



Common name: Cannonball Tree
Scientific name: Couroupita guianensis

Location: West Coast Park!

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