Wacky Wednesday!

Wednesday is a tough day for me. It’s 2 therapy appointments for Edda and I have to time the eating and the napping just right to pull it off.

For a few weeks now, Edda has been pretty miserable at her physical therapy appointment. In order to make the 12:45 pm appointment, we have to eat lunch at school and then drive straight to the therapy center.

Diane, her therapist, and I discussed moving the standing appointment, but since Diane is one of the few PTs on the island, she was totally booked and changing the schedule would mean switiching a bunch of people around which seemed like a lot of trouble.

So this week, I did something different. I just told Edda many times throughout this morning that today was Wednesday and that right after school, we were going to see Diane and have PT. I told this to her at least 4 times. And you know what? She had a fantastic session! I had never really told her where she was going before and maybe it just freaked her out that we weren’t heading home after school. Or else maybe I just got lucky, who knows.

2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday!”

  1. Apparently Edda understood what you said to her. It is my observation that Edda understands what we said to her and acted with her. The difficult of her is to express herself. Kids are very smart. Hope my observation is right.

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