And they are homeward bound.

Last night, Jeremy was so excited about flying today that he could sleep until 3 am. Vince’s illness was improving rapidly; so much that he woke up, took one look around and said, I’m OK! I can go to New York today! And so they went… I dropped off Edda at school and then dropped them off at the airport. Vince gave me a bunch of kisses and said that he’ll miss me and that I can write him and we can still be friends and that we’ll have dinner together when he comes back.

At airport.

Edda seemed happy to have the TV all to herself, no one elbowing her out of the way, no one changing programs mid-cartoon. Smiling and happy. Ruby, on the other hand, seems bummed. She knows what packing means. She knows that we’ll be leaving for a while. Poor girl…



Common name: Cat’s Whiskers
Scientific name: Orthosiphon aristatus

Location: near Edda’s school.

3 thoughts on “And they are homeward bound.”

  1. Yea!!! Glad Vince is better. Also glad to know it is not me, the technically challenged. Itried calling you but all it did was sorta click. Got any clues as to arrival time in Tejas? Shall I fix lunch, dinner?

  2. Jeremy just called me this evening around 7:00 PM to tell me that Vince and he arrived safely in the USA. Mom and I were busy negotiating our new contracts with the head hunters in a hotel.

    Well, very happy to hear from him personally and he had trouble to call Doris also. Finally, I used my calling card to call Doris at her Singapore home. Made the connection and went right back to our work until 9:00 PM.

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