Another Good Saturday

I woke up pretty early – 8:12 to be exact. I was supposed to get up at 7:45, but somehow I missed my alarm. Go figure. Anyways, I went off to my very first Dragonboat practice. My friend, Steve, who I helped build up a bike, is one of the leaders on the team. There’s a beginner’s practice at 10:30, but he said, show up at 9am for the regular practice. And of course, today, they make us do like actual racing. Sigh. My lower back hurts. I’ll get him back on the bike. 😛

Funny quote of the Day, “Don keep that arm at a 130 degree angle. Pull out the protracter. I know you MIT guys keep it in your pocket”. Heh.

Practice was done at about 10:45. I headed home, napped for a bit, and when the weather cleared, me and Frank went out for a 40 minute bike ride. Man it’s nice to get out. I haven’t ridden in like 5 weeks. There was a terrible headwind on the way out, but it was super nice on the way back in. The air was so calm with the tailwind. It felt like you were floating. On the way back, we saw a super nice double rainbow. It had a deep deep purple stripe to it. We got home, and I went out to try to take a photo, but it was gone when I got out there.

It was about 3pm, and I was considering pulling the Holy Triumvirate and go rock climbing as well, but then I thought better of it and decided to nap. Laff.

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