Grumble, grumble.

Ack, Vince started to run a fever today. I hope he doesn’t get sicker over the next 24 hours since he and Jeremy are set to leave Singapore tomorrow on a non-stop flight halfway around the world. Tylenol seems to control the fever quite well, so cross your fingers that he doesn’t get sicker. A sick kid trapped on a 17 hour flight is no fun for anyone.

I signed up to sing at a virtual christmas concert. Any suggestions for what to sing? Remember, I can’t really carry a tune, so something cute/sweet/funny – also something short would be nice too.



Common name: Coral Tree
Scientific name: Erythrina crista-galli or fusca

Location: Choa Chu Kang Park

3 thoughts on “Grumble, grumble.”

  1. Well, things looked good when we went to bed, and the bags were packed in the car ready to go. But at 3AM we were awoken by a very hot boy >40C/104F and ended up spending 3AM to 6AM in our favorite children’s hospital. They were as usual very competent and comforting, but were quite firm that we should not travel today. Since we will be in the air for 18 hours including a whole night, this seems sensible. Vince is very disappointed to delay the start of the trip. We will travel on Wednesday or possibly even Tuesday if Vince does well this evening and we can still get a seat. He is convalescing nicely.

  2. hrm. sorry to hear things got delayed. Ho;pe Vince is feeling better…

    My vote for songs would be “Have yourself a merry little christmas” or… “silver bells” or… “white christmas”

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