iPod 2nd Generation

Mom would like to have a new iPod. I searched the web today and found out that the closest Apple iPod store is at Charlottes, NC. – 3 1/2 hours drive away, on way.

Since the weather was good and, along the way, we could also enjoy some music together. So off we went to the South Mall of Charlottes. Well, this mall is a bit fancier than the Augusta Mall. A “Neiman Marcus” is in there too. Mom looked at one jacket was 20% off. Guess how much? It was merely ~$2,500.00. There were a lot of them hanged there along several racks. This jacket was really good, 100% cashmere. I liked it. The color along with the style was good too. Well, may be next time.

Too bad, we just found out this mall by accident. Or else, I am sure Mom would like to go there often. Eventually, I bought Mom a 4 gigs iPod. With lanyard, it was about $250.00. Of course, it came without all those small things, such as bag, ear covers, etc. included in the 1st generation iPod.

I just finished setting the new one up. I inherited the old one of 1 gig that Mom had.

So, if we are getting tired of hearing each other too much or really mad at each other, we all could plug our ears with iPod. Hope we don’t have this “2-iPod Moment” too many. “1-iPod Moment” is always there, Mom said 🙂

2 thoughts on “iPod 2nd Generation”

  1. I did not want this new ipod. Daddy wants to have my ipod, so he bought me a new one. He likes my ipod. The new generation ipod does not have white or black colors. I picked silver. It does not come with a black bag nor block ear phone cover.

  2. The new ipod is dead. I think the quality is not good. So, I decided to return it back to Apple and keep the money and wait for a while. Daddy gave me back the old one.

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