Khristian Karaoke.

Heh. Tonight had been planned for quite some time now. It’s JT’s (annual?) dinner and karaoke night, where he invites everyone out to sing to their hearts content. We went to eat at one of the may Korean Tofu places in Sunnyvale. (pictures to follow) and then it’s off to Camino Karaoke where we got 2 rooms filled to the brim. We stayed there for the better part of 5 hours. Man. I love karaoke. It’s always a good time.

Sometimes I get the sense that JT is trying to convert me. Well, that’s too strong a statement. I’ll say he’s looking out for my well-being, which is different. Usually this centers around meeting women. He suggested that I should maybe get to know someone there tonight better – and I’m not sure what he’s expecting here. Obviously almost all the people there tonight are dedicated Christians, and I just assume that they would not be interested in dating/marrying non-Christians. So anyways, that could possibly be construed as conversion, but it not really.

Of course, perhaps my assumption is wrong, and some Christians are willing to date non-Christian. Choon’s asked me this before – Could I marry a dedicated, weekly church going Christian? I can’t say no entirely, but it’s highly unlikely. I don’t have any intention of converting, and I’d feel pretty uncomfortable if my kids were raised Christian. I don’t feel like forcing on them something so large when they are impressionable and do anything. And there’s a certain distrust for me about organized religion. Maybe this is where I like the Quaker approach, where it’s just you and God. That’s it.

Random camera note: I’ve made it a point not to really say what camera equipment I’ve bought. I even taped over the numbers on my body. Tho some people find out anyways (Choon :P). Tonight, I had no less than 3 people attempt to engage me in “what kind of camera is that?”. Wha. I don’t feel like being a part of that. It takes pictures! It’s a camera! Not a number, not a status symbol. I try to use it! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I doubt they would even know what an f-stop is. And oh, Mr. Why’s-He-Got-The-Hood-On-Indoors, well I keep it there to protect the lens. Invariably someone else want to take pictures with my camera, and surprise surprise they are not a aware of where the front glass elements are, so it helps keep the front element from getting scratched up from random carelessness.

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  1. You are stil up at 6:30AM? Have enough time for sleep.

    I had colonoscopy done yesterday. this time I have clear report. I do not like to drink the stuff to clean everyting inside me.

  2. Hmmm, if you meet the right girl, I think the church thing can be overcome. I’m so confused about the Christian thing… Jeremy and I are seriously thinking about joining the Quakers when we move back to the US. They do lots of charitable things that align well with my beliefs and I want to be more involved with some sort of service. If you become Quaker, are you considered Christian and then you can hula hoop with the rest of them? Or does that still make you different? Blah, blah, blah. So you taped over the D2000? or N4500? or P2384? whatever that number is… hee, hee, hee. Are you going to take plant pictures with me? It could be fun! You don’t have to ask permission to take a picture of a plant. There is even a group on flickr who will ID the plants for you so you don’t have to yourself most of the time!

  3. It’s case by case. I know couples where one was Christian and the other wasn’t. In some cases the Christian won, and in other cases the Heathen one 🙂 I think lot of people are attending church 20% for God and 80% for social reasons.

  4. Hrm. Really? Joining the Quakers? Was Jeremy interested in that before?

    I dunno. I kinda think even within one sec there are varying views. So it’s hard to label what a “Christian” is. I dunno. I don’t think it’s a terribly great label. Makes you think you have more in common with someone than you might really have.

    There are come plant pictures for you. I don’t think they are quite as exciting as the Singaporean crazy spikey killer jungle plants. But if you’re bored. 🙂

    I’ve also taken to taping up the Model numbers on my lenses now. Sigh.

  5. Haverford is a Quaker school. He’s always been a little interested in the Quakers. When I was contemplating the Unitarians, he was decidedly not interested.

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