On vacation from our vacation.

It’s a shame that once on vacation, I don’t blog, because lots of things happen when we are on vacation and I don’t want to forget about them all!

First, before I forget, I wanted to thank my secret pal for the oodles of wonderful gifts for me and the kids. I especially loved the yarn bras – I was just thinking of buying some for myself. Vince went crazy over the Spiderman motorcycle, that thing is amazing. Edda (who is pretty hard to shop for) seemed to enjoy My Little Pony.

Secret pal

Thank you! Thank you!

So we made it to New York, and wore our winter jackets around.

Out for a walk.

As soon as we got over the worst of the jet lag, we flew to another time zone. Austin is only 1 hour off New York, not as bad as the 12 from Singapore. Austin is the best town in the US. I love it so much, it’s hip and cool and there are great places to eat and run. But most of all, it is the home of many of our friends! We got to spend most of the weekend hanging out with the Strickers who have been family friends of the Martins for over 40 years. Jeremy mom Katherine and Scott’s mom Rolleen became friends when Katherine was in high school and Scott and Jeremy grew up with each other in their lives and now our children are becoming great friends. It’s really nice to see.


This is one of my favorite photos from this weekend, you can see all the Strickers and most of us going on the morning dog walk in their neighborhood. We didn’t do anything special, we just hung out at their house and played and ate and talked. The weather was wonderful.

I also had the wonderful chance to see Kate and Abby, who are my good friends from Singapore. Abby just turned 1 and is so cute and chubby and about a minute from being able to walk around. So cute!

One thought on “On vacation from our vacation.”

  1. I don’t know how to “blog” but Doris, Vince, Kiki and Edda just left for the airport. My heart hurts and now my tears can fall. I couldn’t cry in front of Vince because he was so sad to leave it wouldn’t have helped make the transition easy at all. He is such a brave, wonderful, wonderful little boy. He is amazingly smart. And, joyous. “how are you today Vince? I’m GREATTTTT!” I know he wants to be a grocer but I have a feeling that there are bigger things in store for Vincent. “I’m very curious!” He and Josh were so good together. Joshua said last night “I’m going to miss Vincent. He’s a great kid”. Josh is right. I miss Vincent so much and he’s only been gone moments. I miss all of them.

    We spent the weekend eating in our tiny dining room and watching pretty little Edda do loops and loops around the living room and trying to keep her from the silver 1960’s sparly Chrsitmans tree. There were dogwalks and jumping in piles of leaves and wonderful talks with Kiki. She is so smart and has so much to tell about the world that is unbelievably important. Her knowledge is simply wonderful. And then there was Jeremy, always holding Edda feeding her oranges. Doris waking from naps with funny hairdo’s. And, just sitting and reading and eating more oranges and watching children together. If this isn’t what Christmas is about then I don’t know what it is about. The tiny tornadoes has moved on. The house is neat and tidy and picked up. It is so quiet now. I liked it the other way.

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