The Real Stuff of Xmas…

Yeah yeah, there are presents, and friends, and good food and family. Whatever. 😛

Tonight, I have officially won my Fantasy Football Super Bowl! I stayed up until 11ish waiting out the Miami-NYJ game. haahah!

The Super Bowl MVP is Ron Dayne of the Houston Texans for putting up 30 points for me this week, as my 2 stud running backs, LT2 and Fast Willie Parker, put up a measly 17 points, down from their average of 48. Jeff Garcia of the Philadelphia Eagles put in a respectable performance tonight. I staved off a late game scare from Jerricho Cotchery of the NY Jets, as he put in a 4th quarter TD against the Dolphins tonight, but I had enough points to eek out the win.

Just cause I’m anal… some players that helped the cause..

RB – Ladainian Tomlinson – 470pts – 33 TDs. Enough said. The #2 guys, Larry Johnson, clocked in at 359pts.
RB – Willie Parker – 264pts – 14 TDs. Erratic, either a huge game or nothing. This week, nothing
RB – Warrick Dunn – 165pts – Good first half. terrible second half. used until week 13
RB – Ron Dayne – 114pts – Subbed in in week 14. 71pts came in the last 3 weeks.

QB – Drew Bledsoe – 85pts – par until he got benched for Romo. Should have picked up Romo. sigh
QB – Jon Kitna – 236pts – Second half QB. Great yardage. Good until he started throwing 3 picks a game.
QB – Vince Young – 216pts – Wow. 6 wins in a row. Go Titans. Doubt threat to pass and run. A backup RB basically. Too bad i didn’t play him in the super bowl
QB – Jeff Garcia – 116pts – All in the last 5 weeks. Did philly just win 3 road division games? Wow.

WR – TJ Houshmandzadeh – 199pts – the highest WR average. would have been #1 or #2 WR in the league, if he didnt’ miss 2 games
WR – Wes Welker – 160pts – Mr. Consistency. 10 pts every game. #19 WR. Yea Return yards!
WR – Donte Stallworth – 105pts – Mr. Injury. Hamstring problems and McNabb going down. Huge couple games tho.
WR – Derrick Mason – 113pts – Couldn’t trust him, tho he came up big for me in the first round. TD in garbage time.

TE – Kellen Winslow – 137pts – #6 TE in the league. Kinda slowed down at the end of the season. great wire pickup

K – Nate Kaeding – 139pts – SD’s high powered offense.

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