Back to Work.

Well, It was a fun time in NY. We crashed Times Square after midnight from Choon’s brother’s apartment. It was a mess, and crazy, but I can see how it would be a lot of fun – for maybe the last 2 hours, or at least drunk off your ass. 🙂 The cops were a bit nasty at times, but I can understand. We saw Carson Daly in the NBC booth. We tried to buy some pizza at a place at about 1:30am. It was cold, even tho they had put it in the oven. We didn’t wake up until 1pm. 🙂

Monday was a dreary day in the city. We didn’t do anything, but I had to catch my flight at LGA, which ended up being delayed a half hour due to the rain. This was not good since I had a connecting flight in DC at 9:30. My flight touched down in IAD at 9:18 and it took maybe 8 more minutes to dock the plane and deboard. I was freaking lucky that the SFO flight was the gate straight across the hall from the gate that I deboarded from. The door was closed, but there were a ton of people from Boston begging to be let on the flight. Sigh. So yeah I made it, but my bag didn’t. Hopefully they’ll get it FedExed to me today.

Oh also, there’s a slight possiblilty that I left my Oakleys in NY at Jeremy’s parent’s place. I need to get my bag back to rummage thru it, so don’t go all crazy or anything – it still might be in my bag. I just don’t remember seeing it when I repacked at Choon’s bro’s place…

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