Date night and busy day.

Last night, Jeremy took me out on a date! We went to see Volver, the new Almodovar movie (it was great in many ways – go see it and we can talk about how Penelope Cruz’s boobs are just incredible).

We had some wine before the show, very romantic.


Today I took the kids out all day so Jeremy could pack our suitcases in peace. He did all the laundry and sorted winter stuff out to leave in NY.

First we went to Bright Horizons – Vince’s old pre-school – to see Ms. Pat. Ms. Pat is my most faithful, non-email, total snail-mail pen pal.


Then we saw my friend Ormere and her 3 adorable kids… The newest one, E. I hadn’t even met yet…


And finally, we had dinner with Eileen and her family and saw their new house in the middle of the woods.


It is 11:30 pm now, Edda is still awake and Vince just went to sleep, we should be OK for our midnight flight tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Date night and busy day.”

  1. Hi Doris!
    It was really nice having you over. I can’t believe how much the kids have grown. I hope you to see you when you guys move back. Have a safe trip back home and I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. I love that movie!!! And it is the first time I´ve really liked Penelope, too. It looks like you’ve had a busy but fun holiday. Happy New Year!

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