Family portrait.

Vince needs a family photo for school on Monday.


Today was the first time I heard Vince explain to a stranger why Edda keeps sticking her hand into her mouth and is a little tippy when walking. We were at the park and he was playing with another family (for a total of about 30 seconds) and Edda walked over and he launched into enthusiastically introducing Edda (She’s my sister!) to them and explaining why she mouths. It was kind of cute, but also a lot of information for some folks you’ve known for less than a minute.


Did you know that aloe grew this red flowers?



Scientific name: Aloe (about 400 species – not sure which one this is)
Common name: Aloe
Location: Austin, TX

6 thoughts on “Family portrait.”

  1. What a family portrait! Good to see you all in one picture.

    Today, I used my “French Press” to make my first cup of coffee using the left over coffee grains that Jeremy bought during last Christmas. It was good and easy to make.

  2. That’s a great photo. I like how edda is ready to bolt out to the left and ruby is in her own world in the sand.

    And a little self promotion here, I notice the Transformer made it to the park! Woo hoo! You are too cool Uncle Donald. haahahhahahha

  3. Dad – so you used the french press huh? Pretty cool. Jeremy’s looking for a new french press that is insulated so he can keep his coffee warm forever.

    Don – Vince loves the transformer. Definitely his #1 toy right now. We even got him a 2nd one, but he likes the yellow one better. You are too cool!

  4. Doris, we have several big moving boxes of transformers in our basement. Before Donald went to college, he promised to sort them out. But, they are still there in their original shapes and forms.

    Vince is, of course, welcome to have them if Donald says okay.

    I remembered everytime Donald really wanted one, I always asked his promise of staying cool and listening to people no matter what they say :). And since you complained so much and often of buying so many transformers that eventually we put $400 into your retirement plan.

    Time really flies and hope we all are getting something out of “transformers” including Vince.

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