Moving Most Stuff to Washington DC

I packed the car full of stuff and drove home on Friday. Today, I setup the bunkbed and Mahjon table. I also kept most of the glass bottles that Mom collected. I found out the bunkbed fit well and it also could be used as the storage area for 3 mattresses and some additional stuff. Good for the un-intentional usage.

Mom is the Hong Kong and will head to Quangzhou on Monday morning. I told to her several times over the phone already. She was fine and ready to be on her new job.

Tomorrow, I am going to drive back to Aiken, SC. I just have few things left. I keep cake mixer and baking utensiles and stuff. I like to bake cakes. I also keep a Chinese Wak for vegetable cooking. Well, I am progressing from one pot to other things – a progress for me indeed.

I also filled a bottle of Granddad’s rice wine. I am ready to take to Taiwan for the son of Mom
s brother. The wine has been with us for a long, long time. I tasted it, very delicious 🙂

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