OMG! Maybe it’s the iPod phone!

This is all I have been hearing about for days, something about a guy named Steve and something about iPods and phone and some big meeting somewhere.. I dunno. I am the lamest engineer ever, not really interested in innovation, more interested in the way we’ve always done things. I should get into fixing old clocks or something, or better yet – maybe typewriters.

So you might be asking, how’s the running going? Well, I did pack my running shoes when I went home, but the shoes didn’t experience any running, although they enjoyed a lot of mall walking and NYC street ambiance. I did gain enough weight over the month-long vacation to warrant a comment from my neighbor – “Ahh, you ate well!” Sigh. Here’s a photo of my slightly chubby and dumpy midsection today as I’m being served a mini quiche lorraine (yummy and oh-so-not-diet-food).


So I started running again yesterday, for the third time since I said I would start. I’m trying not to think too hard about it. I need to keep it up for a while and then I’ll buy myself some new running shoes.

Also, there is a new ice cream stand at our local mall. Green tea ice cream – not too weird – I’ve seen it before in the US, especially in Japanese restaurants. But the truly weird flavor is the wasabi ice cream and – get this – you can get it with seaweed (nori) sprinkles (lower right in the picture). Wow! Sign me up for that!


In kid news – Edda was constipated and her tummy bloated. Which freaks me out because Rett girls usually have gut problems resulting in prescription laxatives and enemas and other random poop issues that can be quite troublesome. But after 3 huge shits today, she’s back to her *cough* regular self. Lucky for you – no poopy diaper pictures.

During Edda’s therapy today, I wanted to take Vince to the library at the mall. He insisted he didn’t want to go. This is nothing unusual, he usually refuses to go anywhere, but it usually resolves itself once you get out the door. Not today. He cried and screamed the whole time while walking to the mall – a million people (commuters, students, shoppers) starting at us, a cruel mother with a wailing child behind her. (A side note – I saw a mom slap her 8 year old daughter’s face in front of the bakery in the same mall earlier today – there was no crying from the girl, just a pained expression) As soon as we are at the library – he’s fine and dashes to the children’s section to happily read. What the heck am I doing wrong to make a boy react so strongly to something he likes to do?!?

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  1. That ice cream looks great! I would be addicted to green tea ice cream, if I could ever find it anywhere. I´m intrigued by the nori sprinkles- probably just a salty flavor. could be interesting… I can´t wait to get back to my “boring” normal routine at home. Only a few more days!

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