Piano lesson.

Thursday is piano lesson day. I have missed the last seven weeks of lessons. I have not practiced for the same amount of time. I sat down at the piano today at 10am next to my teacher, Ms. Wen, and struggled to remember what pieces I was suppose to be playing. Not a good scenario.

Earlier this week, I did think about quitting my lessons, mainly because of my embarrassment of not practicing at all for the past two months, but I didn’t because I finally like my piano teacher. Today at my lesson, she did make me feel bad about not practicing, but not so humiliated that I didn’t want to come back next week. Since I started taking piano lessons as an adult, I’ve had 4 teachers…

#1. Didn’t take me seriously at all and wanted to chat about gardening and would often call an hour before my lesson to switch the time.

#2. Very serious teacher who taught me pieces that were a bit of a stretch for me and so I struggled to use the pedal correctly for the first 8 measures of a piece for 10 weeks! I swear, I couldn’t really hear the differences in pedaling that I was suppose to do.

#3. Very young teacher, right out of music school. Pointed out the already known fact that I have no rhythm.

#4. My teacher now, pretty relaxed but also corrects my mistakes and technique in a way that I can manage.

I’m not a very good musician, I hope someday to find other people who are the same not-as-good to play with. I always have a problem finding this level of person. So I soldier on, maybe this will come to something.

4 thoughts on “Piano lesson.”

  1. At least you are trying. That is huge!! My mother gave voice lessons my whole life (me included) and do I do anything with that talent?! No. Plus, I play the guitar so badly Scott asked if I would play when he isn’t around and I can’t help Vincent at all. I’d take lessons again but it would just frustrate the teacher to the point of insainty, or reconsider their job choice.

  2. It’s okay. I have no rhythm either, so quite possibly it’s genetic. 🙂 I’ve been trying to play Guitar Hero 2 a lot recently, and I tend to speed up when exciting changes happen. It’s really hard to stay steady.

    I think it’ scool that you found a teacher you are comfortable with. I think that’s pretty important.

  3. Sheila – I didn’t know that you sang! We’ll have to do a duet together sometime, me on the piano and you singing, it’ll be enchanting!

    Bro – Guitar Hero? I guess that’s what the guitar pictures are of…

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