Practicing piano

I was not the only one to miss a series of piano lessons. Vince also missed weeks and weeks of his Yamaha group piano lessons. These group lessons have parent participation, Jeremy goes with him on Thursday nights after dinner. We signed him up last year and at first it was a lot of fun, lots of clapping, singing and rhythm. Vince loved it.

However, now the pieces involve all 5 fingers on the right hand and have rests and we are starting to have chords. It all happened so quickly (it seemed to me). We hadn’t really practiced earlier in the class because it was just for fun and it didn’t seem so serious. But now we are behind and it’s harder now, so there is no getting around practicing every day. It can be a struggle when Vince isn’t up for practicing. It’s hard to learn something new and he has to work at this to make his fingers do what he wants them to do.

Practicing music brings back lots of memories for both Jeremy and me. We both played musical instruments as kids and we both have memories about practicing or not practicing.

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