Things about Doris – (#1-10) Food


1. I love McDonald’s and when I am there I usually order a Big Mac.
2. I love oranges, peaches and cherries.
3. I would like to be a vegetarian, but cooking with meat makes meal planning and cooking easier.
4. When I was in college, I had pretty bad heartburn which went away after I became vegetarian for about a year.
5. I did not know how to cook when I got married.
6. I do not drink coffee but I go to Starbucks often.
7. I prefer salty snacks over sweet snacks – Doritos over Hershey’s any day.
8. Now I can cook pretty well.
9. I didn’t eat avocado, mayonnaise, or sour cream regularly until 1996.
10. I like to try new things so there is nothing on my absolutely-will-not-eat list.



Scientific name: Gardenia coronata
Common name: Yellow Gardenia
Location: Singapore

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  1. I haven’t been to McDonalds in like 3 years. Ever since I took Joshua to see the movie “Supersize Me”. Do the french fries still taste so good and salty? Did you know they have a patent on their french fry recipe?! Sigh.

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