Getting chubby.

This past week, these people have told me that I’m getting chubby: the babysitter, the housekeeper, the prata shop cash register guy, our neighbor and all of my pants. I have been trying to eat less and exercise more (I am still running! I’m up to a mile now. Well almost a mile and almost every day.) But it’s hard when I’m faced with a plate of chicken and a pyramid of rice. I know, no one forces me to eat it, but it’s soooo good.


Jeremy and I made a vow that we’d go hiking, but only after chicken rice and a coffee from McDonald’s. What’s a hike through the jungle without a cappuccino? We were roughing it.


On the hike, we met a guy who moved to Singapore from Albany and he gave the capital district a thumbs up! He said it was better than Singapore. Yahoo for that!

Wow! And look at the size of that guy’s….


And it even has camouflage.


Artocarpus altilis

Scientific name: Artocarpus altilis
Common name: Breadfruit
Location: Singapore

3 thoughts on “Getting chubby.”

  1. hahaa the chicken rice is so good! and doris – i just saw you – you’re the least big chubby.

    ps – i love that blurry photo of jeremy with the coffee.


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