Tickety – shut up!

Crazy Vince wanted to get an alarm clock. He’s learning to tell time from Tickety – the talking clock from Blue’s Clues. With much fanfare, Vince and Jeremy set the alarm for 7:15 am. As soon as it went off this morning, Vince hit the snooze button. Ha ha ha! We didn’t set it tonight.



I have 10 rows left on Icarus. I hope to finish before we leave Singapore.


Knitting is so slow.



Scientific name: Ficus celebensis
Common name: Weeping fig
Location: Singapore

3 thoughts on “Tickety – shut up!”

  1. Actually he did ask for it as he went to bed. So we will put it by his bed again tonight. The tough part is that after the nightly game of musical beds (there is even usually some music involved) there is just no telling in which room he is going to wake up. Last night I moved the clock to our room (where he was sleeping after about 3AM) in time for his first alarm clock wake up for school. The funny thing to me is even with the alarm clock he was still late for school. We are not in a very disciplined mood these days. It is sort of like summer vacation has already started, in February. But come September we are going to be facing the 7:55 start time for kindergarten, which implies who knows what for the bus pick up.

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