Weekend Update…

Last week, was a crappola week for me. Probably one of the worst weeks I’ve had in a long time in terms of mood and just general happiness. I’m not exactly what sure what the reason was. It wasn’t the weather since it was only gloomy on Monday. I don’t really want to attribute it to it being Valentine’s Week, but I can’t say that being alone wasn’t a factor in my mood.

Friday night, I got dinner with Rich and some of his friends. We ate Japanese and went to shoot pool and play ping pong afterwards. It was a lot of fun. The night was of course, not without gossip. There was a girl there that was jonesin’ me fairly hard and I’ll say that my interest level is low at the moment. I keep thinking back to Choon’s comment about giving a girl some time to really show herself, and she’ll become that much more special. He’s right, that’s where you really really like _love_ someone, but don’t you need something there to drive you that far? Shoot. For once I’d like a girl that I’m excited about.

Saturday, I put in a 60 mile bike ride for training for the Wildflower Triathlon. I need so many more miles underneath me it’s not even funny. Also I went to Li Pei Zin’s house for CNY dinner. They gave me the usual quizes ab out girlfriends and such. Incidentally, Mom, Li Pei Zin says the gilfriend bounty is either up to $10,000 or you have to throw some diamonds in the deal. 🙂 As always it’s a 12 course meal, where we only eat 1/5-1/4 of each dish. I horsed around with the grandkids a bit, and the young one, Eileen, reminds me of Vince. I’d hoist her above my head, and when I’d let her down, she’d scream, “Again!” at the top of her lungs. 🙂 Maybe all kids do this. ha!

Sunday, was dim sum at the crazy packed Koi Palace. We got there at 9:45 and didn’t get seated until 11. We were ticket #94 and there were 74 active tickets ahead of us when we got there! Later on, Lynn and Pei-Sun were hosting a CNY cookie party. We made the crispy cookies called “Love Letters” that ended up being very labor intensive. We had to have a charcoal grill and grill each one in a special tool, and then peel and fold them. Of course, we only had 2 tools, and so it was slow. I think we made maybe 50 cookies which is not much at all. In the kitchen, Lynn was making pineapple tart cookies, and I swear, she made like 500 of them. 🙂

Also my ex, Jocelyn showed up to the party, and I pretty much ignored her. She didn’t show up until late into the evening, which was good, since it was less time that I had to ignore her for. 😛 It was her brithday yesterday, and I’m probably being a hardass for not talking to her, even on her birthday, but it’s good for me anyways, to keep strict separation. Too bad Sunny didn’t show up. I would have found the meeting of the ex’s to be somewhat amusing. 🙂

Also, I’ll throw this little piece of gossip at you. I’ve been organizing a bunch of “singles” events, basically inviting all the single people I know out to do stuff. It’s been a lot of fun, since I like organizing stuffs, and I can say that it hasn’t been in vain, as there are now 2 potential dates? relationships? possible that are coming out of this. Sweet!

Oh sorry, no pictures too since I went cameraless this weekend. Hopefully Choon will be able to post a photo or two in his copious spare time these days. 🙂

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  1. Sorry that you’ve been bummed. It happens to the best of us. Yes, you do need to a person time to reveal herself. It took 8 months of being around Jeremy (mainly sitting in class together) for me to realize that he’s kind of appealing to me. And what is with the pineapple tart cookies? They are everywhere! And hooray about organizing events. We are all excited about your comment to move out east. I hope you do consider it, Jeremy, Emy and I’ve planned it all out for you! Hee hee. 😛

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