Give me a N! Give me an O! What does that spell? NO!

We spent a stuffy, sweltering morning running around the Japanese School’s gym. It was Sports Day at Edda’s school. On the way to the event, Edda was enjoying the weekend, smiling in the car, in a good mood even as we walked down the driveway of the unfamiliar building. As soon as she spied the staff and realized that school stuff was going to happen, she burst into tears. She wanted to be at home watching Blue’s Clues.

So as soon as the Olympic torch was lit, Edda was out like a light. Twice she woke up looked around and saw that she was still in the middle of an un-air-conditioned room without a TV and promptly fell back asleep.


Vince had fun too. He loves his medal. Look at the big trophies on the table in the photo. Vince totally thought he was going to be able to take one of ’em home.


Yellow team victory! (I know, they are all wearing blue shirts, but really, they were the yellow team.)


(A side note: Jeremy is ill. From my data, it take about a week for this particular virus to transmit from one person to another.)


I knit Pomatomus while I was sitting in the audience of Sports Day. Of course, I’m intensely interested in Vince and Edda doing their thing and I’m also interested in the kids who are in Edda’s class, but I hardly recognize some of the older kids, so I turned to knitting while they played hockey.


I also knit a swatch for Picovoli, a cotton sweater designed by one of my favorite knit bloggers, Grumperina. She happens to be a grad student in neurobiology at Harvard. Pretty cool.


Since the infamous camera drop, my camera has struggled with low light macro focusing. The little red light that it uses to focus has been knocked out of alignment, so it doesn’t shine on the center of the frame. So it tries and tries and usually fails.

Apparently, I still don’t know how to use this white balance, because the sweater isn’t going to be orange. It’s a more coral-ly color.


Mussaenda erythrophylla

Scientific name: Mussaenda erythrophylla
Location: Singapore

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