The house is a mess.

With Vince’s birthday and the trip to Taiwan, the house is overflowing with stuff! I can hardly move around this house without stepping on newly acquired plastic items or eating a tasty Taiwan treat.

Enough people have asked me, “So have you started packing yet?” to make me think that a little bit of organization around this house might be a good idea since the movers are coming in 3 weeks!

Jeremy might make all the airline/hotel/apartment plans, but I’m in charge of making sure we don’t move broken toys, stained clothing, outdated medical records or empty tubes of toothpaste across the Pacific Ocean. Why are these items around the house to begin with? Hmmm, the big question.

I have a dream that one day we will live in a modernist house with glass and stainless steel and absolutely no clutter anywhere! Where do those people put the extra toilet paper they buy at Costco? Forget about the toilet paper, where is the remote control – you never see the remote in any of those glorious magazine spreads. But I know this dream is an unattainable fantasy because one look at my parents’ house or Jeremy’s parents’ house will reveal our genetic destiny to live in a house with piles of old magazines. And by golly we do live in a house with piles of stuff everywhere.

Jeremy and I even had a discussion about piles of magazines. Because frequently, one will be reading a magazine in bed and leaves it on the nightstand when it’s time for lights out and then sometime later the next person has to go #2 and grabs it from the nightstand and brings it to the bathroom where it gets left and, later, during the kids’ bath, it gets completely soaked and then we have to let it dry and it gets all crinkly and then the cycle repeats itself until the magazine is a pulpy, smeary form of its former self and no one knows if anyone has read the whole magazine. Egads, maybe you missed that expose on Paris Hilton or maybe didn’t see the recipe for peach melba or didn’t see the 5 simple things to do to redo your living room!

So we’ve invented some sort of magazine reading system that will be installed at our next house. I think it involves post-it notes and metal shelving. But I am not optimistic, I’m sure it will devolve into a pulpy mess before we know it.

Anyhow, I did manage to throw away some old catalogs today. Hooray for me!


Pachystachys lutea

Scientific name: Pachystachys lutea
Common name: Golden shrimp plant
Location: Singapore

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  1. Laff you guys are funny – magazine reading system. Tho I probably shouldn’t speak too soon, since I’m not married with kids yet… ha

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