I’m not grumpy!


Jeremy is in the midst of giving up coffee. Please forgive him if he seems a bit short tempered.


I’m in the middle of reading a thriller! I used to not like these books because they freaked me out so much with all the shooting and suspense, but now I love them because (unlike real life) the bad guy always pays the price, the good guy gets the girl and all loose ends are tied up neatly – all within 300 pages. But I still can only read it while it’s light outside or while someone is in the same room as me.



Scientific name: Brugmansia
Common name: Angel’s Trumpets
Location: Taiwan

4 thoughts on “I’m not grumpy!”

  1. First of all, why give up coffee? Love the stuff. It just doesn’t love me after 2:00 PM. Secondly, Jeremy is never grumpy. Nice smile BTW.

  2. jeremy, youre quitting the coffee? even with only a couple weeks left of McCafe??

    i don’t blame you though.
    i had a coffee and then a diet coke – each after 3pm … i think i was up til about 3am. not so fun.

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