Made it to Taipei.

Our last morning in Hsinchu, we climbed the local mountain (The Hills of the Eighteen Peaks).


Then we took the new high speed bullet train to Taipei – about 35 minutes traveling time.


We are staying at the Grand Hotel in Taipei and we got upgraded to a suite because they were fully booked. Here’s the night time view from our balcony.


Today we went to the National Palace Museum which just reopened with new renovations. It looks very modern with interactive explanations and snazzy new displays, lots of bronzes and I did get to see the famous jade cabbage. As expected, we went through it with lightening speed – mainly Vince always complaining about being tired. We did spend more time in the Museum gardens where we fed the huge fish.


Then off to the Tian Mu neighborhood for lunch where Vince finally ate something! Hooray for mini pork dumplings. That boy has been living off glasses of milk and white rice for days now.


Then we walked to a Children’s Art Museum where Vince got an hour-long personal museum tour. Edda liked the hall of mirrors.


Chilled out at the hotel for a few hours. Then we rode a ferris wheel at a nearby mall.


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  1. Doris you the most cosmopolitan life. LOVE, LOVE the hotel. You’re like the “Sex in the City” version of a mom. So cool. Austin is kinda gray and black right now. Gray because of the rainy skies and black because of all the tourist hipsters here for SXSW. Only 4 more days until the badgies leave then we can go back to our favorite restaurants and movie theaters.

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