Well. I suppose it’s official that I’ve made my first friend off of match.com. Woo hoo! Excellent. Those of you who rock climb or salsa will possibly meet her in the near future. 🙂

It was a good weekend. Everyone took me out to Go-Kart racing on Saturday. Thanks Tahera for organizing. It was her first evite ever! Later on in the evening, Mike and Dung and Ray took me out to shoot my first ever 9 hole round of real golf. Gawd damn it’s a lot harder than it looks. It was an all par 3 course, and my first few scores were 8,7,7,6 I think. Tho I did make this beautiful tee shot on the 9th hole. Right on the green about 8 ft from the pin. The cool thing was that the green was surrounded by water on 2 sides.

Sunday morning I rode 60 miles. It hurt.

Also dinner tonight hosted by Yi-Ling and her newly remodeled kitchen. It was fun as the topic was of course, dating, guys, eHarmony, match and various stuff. It seemed that the women did all the talking, and the guys listened. 😛

Here’s a pic of Arif hanging at his place Friday afternoon, post milkshake eating. Pre REI shopping.

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