The endless birthday.

Somehow the gifts for Vince and Edda’s birthdays keep trickling in. And I know it’s not going to be over because when we get home, the grandparents are going to go wild as well! They are going to think that all birthdays last for months.

Look at this huge box from my Aunt Jane. See the lady behind the counter? My favorite postal worker at the Choa Chu Kang Post Office.


Inside was an unbelievable amount of toys; a dinosaur, baseball set, a singing doll, and also


Elmo. Actually, Aunt Jane did pretty well picking out toys for Edda. I have often walked into Toys R Us and walked up and down the isles and find absolutely nothing that I think Edda would like. The Elmo talks when you push it’s belly and the singing doll also has an on/off switch on it’s hand that we can help Edda push. Of course, Vince loves all the toys. Thanks Aunt Jane!

Ranjit, our speech therapist, also came bearing toys.


It is sooooo loud.


Acalypha hispida

Scientific name: Acalypha hispida
Common name: Chenille plant, Red Hot Cat’s Tail
Location: Singapore

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