Getting out of the house.

I don’t like exploring new places with the two kids when Jeremy’s not around. I don’t know about parking, the bathroom situation and I get easily flustered with the two kids in tow. But I was determined to get out of the house today, so we drove 40 minutes to Saratoga Springs to the Children’s Museum there. I could be reasonably certain of easy parking and bathroom access and of course, the kids can touch everything and anything.

Vince spent the whole drive up telling me what a bad idea this was and how I never do anything that was his idea and how this new place was going to be terrible. Of course, as soon as we parked, he was gung ho about the place and spent 2 hours playing happily with all the kids (he is getting a bit old for children’s museums, I think he was the oldest one there.)


Edda had a good time too, just wandering around and I helped her with a few exhibits. She likes being where there are other people, she’s just not that into playing with other kids.


Edda did have a meltdown at 11 am when she usually gets hungry, I had to take her out of the exhibit area to feed her some Cheerios. I left Vince to his own devices. I know the proper etiquette of parenthood at these places is to kind of hover around the kids and be within about 2 feet of them, but I left Vince in the room by himself and I could hear through the closed door his kind of loud, authoritative voice above all the other noises in the room. I hope the other moms didn’t think him too obnoxious. He has a bit to learn about interacting with American kids and the playground politics.



Common name: Forsythia
Scientific name: Forsythia
Location: Saratoga, NY

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