The light is so different here in New York, so sharp and bright and clear.


I’ve been trying to find some schools for Vince – actually day care and then something they call wrap-around-care for after kindergarten lets out. We went and toured two programs today and I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find out that they’d be willing to care for Edda as well. I assumed that they would take one look at her and turn her away, but both programs said “no problem!”. Totally cool. We found ourselves at the Jewish Community Center which runs a nice program. I’ve been on a Jewish jag recently, trying to play up the 25% Jewishness of the kids, thinking about Passover (not this year, maybe next!) Things are in the works for Edda’s school as well, but it involves a lot more paperwork, appointments and evaluations.


We still hate going grocery shopping with the kids. Ugh. Never again.


4 thoughts on “Light.”

  1. I hate going grocery shopping with Joshua and Scott and there is huge age difference between the two of them! Scott definately will not fit into the little car.

  2. So glad you are finding some places that will take Edda with out a problem. Actually, a center can’t turn her away here. They are included in the American’s with Disability Act. I just like to ask what sort of experience the center/teachers have with kids w/special needs. We are looking now! Good luck!

  3. the_esber_richardsons: Thanks! It’s really nice to be back.

    sherah: Oh, I’d love to see Scott in the car. Vince is already talking about going to Austin to see you guys. He’s trying to figure out if we can come next week. I told him that we’d have to wait at least until we worked out his school and that it’s bad form for Jeremy to go on vacation the first week at a new job.

    rebecca – i knew about the ADA, but I wasn’t expecting the enthusiasm with which edda was welcomed. good luck to you too 🙂

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