Outside, outside, outside.

Went on another little hike today. We were all a little grumpy this morning – but after a little snack, everyone perked up. Here’s Jeremy in the middle of getting perkier.


Vince found some new teeth in the cache.


Edda and I shared an orange.


4 thoughts on “Outside, outside, outside.”

  1. I love the pictures of Vince’s teeth and the latest flower pictures. Good job on the school situation too. I’m so impressed. You seem so organized.

  2. Sheila, I feel the exact opposite of organized. I feel distracted and scatterbrained.

    Emy – the cache was stuffed up in the hollow trunk of a dead tree. The diet is – no drinks (unless coffee (black or a smidge of cream) or water), eat only at meals, whenever you want a snack, grab an apple or orange or banana and keep serving sizes small (deck of card size for meat, and a cup for veggies and starch each.) And exercise. That’s it.

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