Still packing.

The movers came today and took everything that is going by sea. It’ll take 2 months to cross the Pacific Ocean, and I guess our stuff will go through the Panama Canal.


The house still feels pretty full. Granted, all the furniture is the landlord’s but there is just a lot of stuff lying around that will have to go on the plane with us. Remember Vince’s new drum set? One of the drumsticks didn’t make the boat trip. We found it under something after the moving guys left.

I’m trying to squeeze in some last minute socializing. I went to Lay Hoon’s house today and met E., her three month old baby. Such deliciousness – getting to hold a newborn.


One thought on “Still packing.”

  1. I am SOOOOO proud of you that you have not lost your mind yet with 2 babies and packing and moving. You are my idol!!!

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