Laff. Thanks sister for the awesome birthday present. Sorry it took me a couple days to post it, but I got a care package from SWAK. I laughed when I found the box outside my door. For those of you who don’t know, SWAK is where my sister and I worked for the summer after… 7th grade? It was a funny place to work, since all the girls got to work in the front office where there was air conditioning, and all the guys worked in the warehouse fetching toys to put in packages or taping up boxes. I credit SWAK for helping me to properly use a tape gun.

From right to left, here’s what in the birthdy package:

Sky Rocket – You slingshot it into the air and it twirls down like a helicopter.
AstroJax – kinda a weird bolo/chaos guy like thing with 3 balls. the middle ball moves along the string. you can do yoyo like tricks with it. it’s hard.
Orbitball – Dad will like this. basically a bouncy ball with a bag of rubber bands to put around it.
Texas Hold’em kit – Laff. Perfect!
Buzz Magnets – These are kinda cool. they make noises when they come together.
SWAG bag – i guess to put everything in?

Also there’s an alien head with some goo? in it? I’m not really sure, since it didn’t come with any packaging or instructions. It’s kinda cool as a desk piece. and oh also, a Happy Birthday banner, that’s no shown, but taped up over my window. 🙂

I must say the quality of the gifts has improved. 🙂


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