We are really packing.

Look! Some stuff piled together.


Jeremy is the packer-in-chief. I’m the subordinate packer and in charge of throwing things out. Vince is the unpacker. And Edda is quality control.

We are trying pretty hard to relieve ourselves from some things we don’t use. Luckily we have many people willing to take our old stuff, some of Jeremy’s cast off clothing is going to the Philippines, Edda’s too-small cute outfits are going to the baby girl two doors down. We’re also giving away a few of the electronic things that we purchased because the voltage is different here.

Look and just 5 days before we leave Singapore, I get a package from Secret Pal number 9 – Chez Clutter! I knew that the last package she sent was lost in the mail and I really didn’t expect a replacement! So it was a nice surprise when the postman stopped by today!


I’m excited about the pom-pom maker and the Knitty Knitter (knitting a hat without knitting needles! How cool!) and I need to think of a cool project to do with ribbon yarn… Hmmmm.. PS, the chocolate and the popcorn got squirreled away by Vincent already, hence they are not in the photo…

Oh, oh, but the best thing was the Ann Budd sweater pattern book (which I’ve been eyeing for over a year now) is actually signed by the famous woman herself! Woo hoo!


Pretty cool, huh? Thank you! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “We are really packing.”

  1. I am so thrilled that it got there before you moved!!! That is the ORIGINAL package and I can’t believe that it took that long to get there!!! Hope you enjoy the stuff!

    Have a good move and hope you enjoy your new place!!!!

  2. You leave in 5 days!! Oh my goodness. In Albany It has been kinda cold from what I hear. Don’t pack all your swaeters that i know you wore everyday in Singapore. My advice, is invite all your neighbors over and tell them take everything you want from this pile or this room. Good Luck. I am thinking about you guys.

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