Coney island

We went to Coney Island with Emy yesterday.

Our first stop was Nathan’s hot dog stand – in operation since 1916 at the same location. Every year on the fourth of July, they hold a hot dog eating contest. How many hot dogs do you think you can eat in 12 minutes? Well some Japanese dude can eat 53 3/4 hot dogs! Puke-o-rama.

We had chili cheese fries for lunch.


Went on some kiddie rides:



Went to Emy’s apartment in the hip Williamsburg area of Brooklyn (you can pretty much see her whole apartment in this photo).


Then we went to the playground in her neighborhood (Emy had never noticed it before – it’s huge).


And had italian ice.


5 thoughts on “Coney island”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to Mom.

    I told Mom yesterday that Jeremy’s family is visiting Coney Island. Mom asked me, where?

    When I told her that “remembered, we went for a rollercoaster ride together and after that, you felt horrendously dizzy for a long time.” She said “oh” and remembered.

  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful day! You have a wonderful family blog. I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve picked it to be included in the first edition of my new Surfer’s PARADISE series.

    Should you have an opportunity to come by for a look I’m interested to see what you think.

  3. Dad, you and mom rode on the Cyclone? Do you remember what year? Emy and I were going to try it, but we were too scared…

  4. Doris you are an awesome momma. Happy day to you. Scott and Joshua did the grocery shopping with me at Central Market today and there was this man who looked so lost. He must have been doing the shopping for his wife. His list was all typed out and categorized (obviously by his wife). As he passes me in a grocery store haze with his little boy crashing into items, the dad muttered “I’m so glad mother’s day only comes once a year”. Haha. That was worth going to the grocery store.

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