Day (and Night) at the Beach.

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Sunday I went out on a photo shoot with Eon and JT. Drove down to Santa Cruz, and went up the coast. We came across a ton of beaches, and a flock of kite surfers. I reminded me of one of those paintings you make in the first grade, where the sun is in the corner, shooting rays down, and the birds are curvy letter M’s in the sky. I tried to capture that feeling… I swear there were about double the amount of kite surfers on this beach than what’s in this picture.

Also we had a fun time at another beach, where JT lost his car keys, but didn’t realize it until just after sunset, and it was getting dark. Ironically, this guy that was camping near the beach, had a metal detector, and we spent an hour beachcombing but to no avail. We did find some rusty nails and 17 cents. Woo hoo. JT’s sister drove out to Half Moon Bay to give him some spare keys. The tacos we ate that night were delicious. 🙂

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